Cancellation Policy for Membership

Cancellation Policy:

If you must cancel your paid registration for a single webinar or a webinar package, prior to the release date, please let us know via email at

Cancellations receive a refund less a $10 processing fee.

If you have an issue with a single webinar or a webinar package, after the release date, please contact us via email at

Refunds are issued at the discretion of Wordharvest.

*Terms & Conditions:

Wordharvest offers unlimited viewing of webinars that are purchased. There may be occasion for WH to take down a webinar that over time has become outdated, lost relevance, or isn’t running properly. This will be done at our discretion.

We respectfully ask that webinars not be shared. Encourage interested family and friends to visit to purchase their own copies. Over time we will have a wide variety of on-line classes.

Questions? Contact us:   or (505) 795-1590 (Jean’s #)

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