The Writer’s Toolkit & Sculpting Compelling Stories

Benefits – Video package launches January 1, 2017. Watch the videos at your leisure for 31 days. Enjoy writing tips from each presenter.

The Writer’s Toolkit: Tips from 40 Years of Writing & Publishing Experience, presented by David Morrell 
Who best to learn from than David Morrell? A longtime literature professor, Morrell draws from his experiences as the best-selling author of 30 thrillers, including “First Blood”, “The Brotherhood of the Rose”, and “The Fifth Profession.” His fascinating new historical fiction trilogy brings 1850s Victorian London alive. In this webinar, set in an interview format with rhythm & tempo coach Mike Boyko, David offers practical advice on the craft and the business of writing drawn from 44 years of experience. The valuable information is a bag of riches for apprentice writers and established writers alike. To quote David Morrell, “Writers should be first-rate versions of themselves rather than second-rate imitators of other writers.”

Sculpting Compelling Stories, presented by Susan Tweit
Whoever said writing is 95{84ce3821c609398568c77f3ba3bbea161995be15863f5064fc978d49caab0360} revision may have been underestimating the case. Once you’ve written the first draft of that fabulous novel, short story, or piece of creative non-fiction, how do you shape it into something so tight and riveting that no editor could pass it up? Learn techniques and tips for paring away the rough and polishing the essentials until your work gleams. Presenter Susan J. Tweit will show you how to listen to your writing, recognize unnecessary “throat-clearing,” improve tone and timber and rhythm, identify structural deficiencies, weed out extraneous details, and strengthen the heart and soul of your work.

Includes pdf of handouts.

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